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Stylish Accent Chair Ideas

Ideas for Your Entertainment Space

Looking for the perfect way to complete your room? 

No room is complete without the perfect accent chair—they add style and warmth to your room and come in handy when you need extra seating space to host guests. Whether you're looking for a comfortable place to relax or want to raise your seating capacity for a party, an accent chair is a great solution to meet your needs.

Search no further, RD Home has your needs covered!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of adding extra seating options throughout your home and help you find the perfect furniture piece to fit your design aesthetic. Our team at RD Home will educate on how to tell when a room can use an accent chair if it’s currently missing from your interior design concept and guide you through the process of adding one to your space.

Adding an accent chair to your space can have a lot of benefits. Not only does it bring additional personality and style to your space, it's also very functional. For example, use it as extra seating when watching TV or reading in the living room. Leverage the extra seat when visiting with family and friends, no matter how you plan to enjoy your new seating option, you're sure to find a great match that suits your needs through RD Home's exclusive selection. 

Accent chairs can be a great way to add some life and excitement to a room that might be feeling a little too mundane. When choosing the right accent chair for your home, it's important to take into account a few factors. For example, what style of chair is best for your space? Should it be modern, classical or somewhere in between? How comfortable is it? Will it match the other pieces in your room? And last but not least, what color, style and fabric should you choose? Once you have decided on all these factors, it's time to take a seat and enjoy!

Adding an accent chair to a room can inject personality instantly throughout your living space. When deciding if a chair is necessary, consider the room layout and current furniture arrangement. If the room is short on space or smaller in size, an accent chair may crowd the environment. For larger rooms with plenty of space for seating, accent chairs will be the perfect way to fill the room, adding personalized space for each of your guests to cozy up and relax.

Additionally, consider how often guests will use the room—an occasional guest will feel comfortable in most any type of chair, but for regulars an added touch with extra plush and cozy fabric will make your inviting space feel like home.

Choose an accent chair that compliments your other furniture in your space. For example, if you have walls painted in a neutral color, choose an accent chair that will bring forward light colors to offset neutral tones. When selecting fabric and texture, also consider how often you plan on using the seating arrangement. If it's only receiving occasional use, go with something cheaper or simpler. If your chairs are getting higher use throughout the year, go for something premium with high-quality fabric.

Finding the right accent chair for your space will revitalize your environment and bring a unique, customized feel to your home. By choosing the right chair for your room, you’ll maximize both design and function potential—don't be afraid to go against the norm, it can really make a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Add an accent chair to your home today!

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