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How to Organize your Bookcase 

Creating a Stylish Storage Solution for less!

Do you need help organizing your bookshelf?

Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, according to a study by The Huffington Post, almost half of all Americans are struggling to find a space for all the books they’ve collected throughout their lives—but don't despair, RD Home is here to save the day! With our team behind you, there’s hope and it all begins with organizing your bookcase the right way. By following these simple steps in our quick read: Ultimate Guide on How to Organize Your Bookshelf, you'll be able to create endless storage solutions throughout your home—constructed for beauty & function, our RD Home Bookcases & Corner Shelves are practical storage solutions and they’re budget-friendly. 

To start your organization journey through our ultimate guide, it’s time to go through your book collection and decide if there’s any individual books, series, magazines or other reading material that you’d be willing to part ways with—remember, it’s very important to clear the clutter so you can set yourself up for success!

After narrowing your assortment of reading assets, identify your creative decision for organizing your bookshelf in a way that can be maintained long-term and aligns with your traditional cleaning, maintenance, and functional habits around the house. Common examples for bookshelf organization strategies would be by sorting your reading assets by color or alphabetically aligning publication titles, genre categories and beyond. Whatever suits your creative-interests that’s both easy-to-maintain and can become a part of your everyday life functionally. 

 Once you’ve decided which way to organize your books, start from the top shelf, working your way to the bottom—leave gaps on each shelf to add decor items and office accessories. Showcase all the knick knacks & home essentials you own and love, but if you end up with extra space for more home decor, we recommend browsing our wide range of RD Home Decor. 

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As you’re aware, keeping your environment organized is an important ongoing battle journey as your household grows over the years. Organizing your home office or study can be daunting to tackle if you have multiple large book collections that haven’t been maintained by an organization strategy in the past. This is even worse if you have multiple generations under one roof or you’ve inherited a lot of reading materials. Be sure to offset each gap across your shelving arrangement so each category from your organization strategy has a unique space and looks visually balanced. Continue your journey by creating different options for layouts and build on those options as you’re discovering your design preferences.

No matter how big or small your library is, bookshelves are a visual representation of your personality. A neater bookshelf shows you're organized and in control—you know where everything is, designed and organized from your vision. 

  1. When choosing a bookshelf organization system for your home, it is important to think about how you will use this functional space long-term and what type of system aligns with your unique requirements and preferences. If you cannot maintain your organization strategy, this will not be great long-term, causing your hard work to go to waste. 
  2. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to organizing and storing reading materials—different people will have individual storage preferences and you’re welcome to mix multiple strategies. The first way we recommended above is more aesthetically pleasing because you’re leveraging a color-system and have options to layout an ombre effect by tone or color shade—perhaps following a traditional rainbow aesthetic like The Home Edit is famous for executing during their organization process. Before you choose color-coding based on simplicity, consider our second recommendation—it makes finding the book you’re looking for a breeze by scanning titles or categories across your book genres.
  3. One of the most critical steps within the design process is leaving gaps throughout the bookshelves to ensure ample room is available to showcase a variety of office accessories, home decor, additional storage solutions like baskets and organizers or knick knacks you love. Following this step in the design process will break up your bookshelf and add an equally aesthetically pleasing spin on variety for the viewer.
  4. Last but not least, make sure to frequently clean and maintain your shelf design as well as book organization strategy—verify books are actually being stored property before things get out of hand. Maintenance is critical, and you don’t want to go through the reorganization process every 6 months if you can avoid extra work by maintaining your masterpiece. 

If we still have your attention, you’ve earned a gold ORGANIZATION star for learning the necessary steps for organizing your home library in the most efficient way possible. By following our steps, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent looking through your books and increase the space available for other things in your home—not to mention the aesthetic perks and benefits from loving your extremely functional interior design. Whether you're a beginner at organizing your home or seasoned veteran, make sure to check out our RD Home helpful tips and tricks for advice across your next organization project.

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